Recent changes to the DVLA’s medical standards mean that is it now more important than ever to ensure that your vision meets the correct requirements.

By law it is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that they can pass the above number plate test at all times. They must also be able to havean adequate field of vision, see clearly at night and not have double vision. If you fail to meet these visual standards you are breaking the law.

As a driver, you are legally required to be able to read a car number plate made after 1 September 2001 from 20 metres or from 20.5 metres for a number plate made before then.

Make sure that you don’t get caught out when it comes to driving. Our opticians will ensure that your prescription is correct, up-to-date and will answer any queries you may have about driving.

Our tips for ensuring your vision meets driving standards and the law:

  • Have your vision checked at least every two years as advised by your optometrist, as your eye sight changes over time.
  • Consider keeping a spare pair of glasses in your car (In Europe, you have to by law).
  • Consider keeping a pair of prescription sunglasses in the car to combat bright sunlight, especially in the winter when the sun is low.
  • Consider carrying a glasses cleaning kit in your car so you can keep your lenses dust free.